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Thermo Feet

ThermoFeet eliminates a primary source of heat loss through the bottom of your footwear.

Tested to 10° - 20° F warmer. ThermoFeet technology installs to the underside of your insoles and utilizes 99% pure aluminum to achieve a 98% efficient reflection of body heat.

ThermoFeet are the same thickness as a dollar bill (1.4 mils.) and will not adversely affect the fit of the footwear. ThermoFeet have a series of pores to facilitate normal vapor transfer, but are not intended for direct contact with the foot. ThermoFeet are normally placed on the bottom of the insole or orthotic or to the top of the shoe sole when the insole or inner boot has been removed.


  • Fits Any Footwear
  • Keeps Your Footwear 10° - 20° F Warmer
  • 1.4 mil Thin, Will Not Affect Fit
  • Makes Any Footwear More Comfortable
  • Applies to Underside of Insole

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