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MonsterGrip ideal for all outdoor activities are designed as lightweight pull-on "snow tires" for all footwear. Perfect for dress, casual, work, and sport shoes or boots. Intended for pedestrians, the elderly, or office workers walking to and from parked cars, joggers, postal workers, ice fishermen, firemen and all professionals; anyone demanding greater stability, self-control, and steadfast traction on ice and snow.


  • Step in Like Sandal
  • Easy On and Off
  • Slide Lock Position Retention
  • Heel & Toe Studs for Balance Gait
  • Full Wrap Heel and Toe
  • 10 High Quality Studs


  • Model - MGGO
  • Sizes - Medium, Large, X-large
  • Material - Low Temperature Elastomer
  • Warranty - 30 Day

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