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Boot Fitting

There is no reason any skier should have to ski with problem ski boots any longer. Here at Strands Ski Shop we specialize in custom ski boot fitting. We can make custom footbeds that will enhance the fit of any ski boot as well as increase the performance of the boot/ski combination. We can make adjustments to the boot to help alleviate any hot spots or pressure spots you may have on your foot.

If regular off the shelf boots do not work for you, we can custom fit a foam injected boot that will mold to the shape of your foot. Do you have a problem with a wide forefoot, bumps on the foot due to an injury or surgery or even a problem finding a boot that fits the shape of your calf, ankle or toes then a foam fitted boot is probably what you need. If you have a boot shell that you absolutely love, but are having problems with the fit, we can put a foam injected liner in that as well. The boot fitters at Strands Ski Shop have over 40 years experience in fitting custom foam injected boots. Strands Ski Shop has been custom foaming ski boots longer than any ski shop in the country.

If you currently have a ski boot that is giving you problems, bring it in and we will analyze your foot and the boot and give you an estimate on what we can do to make the boot fit you better or work on getting you into a new boot that fits your foot. Custom ski boot fitting takes time, so plan on spending some time so that our boot fitting specialists can make sure that you leave feeling like you can ski all day and not worry about quitting part of the way through a day of skiing because your foot is in pain.

Here at Strands we guarantee all of the custom boot work on the boots that we sell. If you get a custom fitted boot and then have some problems, come on back and we will do whatever it takes so that you are comfortable in your ski boots.

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