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Laser AX

Enjoy fresh powder in the morning. Rip tight turns on the slope in the afternoon. The re-engineered AX with its new FEC adaptive technology makes it all possible. The more pressure you apply in the turns, the smaller the rocker is, and the correspondingly larger the surface contact area is with the snow. The new Light Core lends the AX even more pop with the same stability.

Construction: Sandwich System
Surface: Polyamid
Base: Racing - Graphite
Technology: Rocker, Solid Metal Edge, SST, Full Edge Contact, Turtle Grip, Adaptive Contact Length, Turtle Shell Comfort


Length (cm)Dimensions (mm)Radius (m)
154 124-78-111 11.8
161 124-78-111 13.1
168 124-78-111 14.5
175 124-78-111 15.9
182 124-78-111 17.4

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