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Feeflex Pro 14

Best performance enabled by the innovative Freeflex Pro System. The free-gliding heel allows the ski to bend through unimpeded and to retain its natural dynamics. Due to the reduced stand height, the Freeflex band is now much closer to the ski boot. Constant release values reduce the risk of injury and ensure safe ski steering.

Full Diagonal Toe:
Intelligent 180° release both horizontally and vertically of the Diagonal Toe and therefore ensures maximum safety in backward twisting-fall situations.
TRP (Tyrolia Pincer System):
The TYROLIA Roller Pincer System (TRP System) of the TYROLIA bindings with its four rollers and gliding inserts ensure a 180° release and exact centering of the ski boot. The TRP System reduces the load on knees and ligaments and improves performance considerably.
ABS (Anti Blocking System):
The exclusive TYROLIA technology of the ABS continuous band allows the boot to move out of the binding almost without any friction, hence delivering maximum safety in case of icing up, dirt and boot wear.
Light Diagonal Heel:
The Light Diagonal Heel provides maximum safety with a 150° release. This, pressure on knee and ligaments upon twisting forward falls and the risk of injury are reduced.

  • Stand Height: 21mm
  • DIN: 4-14
  • LX Toe with TRP System
  • Full Diagonal
  • ABS – Anti Blocking System
  • Freeflex Pro
  • LD Heel
  • Dura-Coating

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