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Multi Tuners

Quick and easy refinishing and deburring of side edges on the slopes.
Adjustable to the precise angle your edges are tuned. Helps maintain your tune between visits to the shop. Alu-oxide stone adjustable from 85 to 90 degrees in 1/2 degree increments.
The single tool that can sharpen and bevel the side edge and base edges.
Dial a precise angle from .5° to 5° in 1/2 degree increments. Works on all ski and snowboards
New SKS roller concept adapted to the popular anatomic pocket racing tool. Precise side and base angle beveling. Adjustable from 85° to 90° in 1/2° increments
Floating file supports, feature automatic adjustment of the file to any shape of side cut. For side and base beveling.
The angle of the bevel is adjusted in 1/2° increments form 0° to 6°. Edges can be deburred with included Alu-oxide stone.

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