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Delight Supreme

The Delight Supreme lives up to its name where lightweight meets high performance, culminating in the ultimate women's all-mountain ski designed to devour anything the mountain can dish out. Elan used the lightest women’s ski in the world as the base for the Delight Supreme, and beefed it up a little bit to increase the performance. Think of it as the Delight Prime that works out 5 times per week … The ski is reinforced for enhanced responsiveness and will make you feel like a pro with every turn, while the extremely low weight conserves energy, keeping you out on the hill longer. The skis low weight and great edge hold is achieved using our patented SlimShape technology increases edge hold as well and the additional carbon reinforcement to ensure strong rebound and stability at high speeds. This technology allows stylish and sportive ladies to turn and carve like never before! (Includes ELW 10.0 Binding)

Core Technologies:
Slim Shape Technology dramatically reduces the weight of the ski, ensuring that Elan women’s skis are the lightest in the world. The specific shape of the shell allows them to be thin and light, while staying durable and strong. To further enhance performance, an optimized flex pattern boosts torsional stiffness that increases the transfer of energy from the skier and enables precise edge hold and controlled turns.

Early Rise Rocker in Elan’s skis is the reason for smooth and effortless turns thanks to a moderate amount of rocker in the tip and tail, which increases the ski’s playfulness, ease and versatility.

Power Shift is a free flex plate-in-plate design that maximises power and performance. Its lean profile is constructed with lightweight composites and vibration absorbing materials to ensure a smooth and direct transfer of energy to optimize precision and performance.

The RST Sidewall Construction optimizes the transfer of power and energy from skier to the edge of the ski, providing maximum edge hold from the tip to the tail of the ski.

To create the TubeLite Wood Core, two super lightweight Carbon tubes are inserted into a lightweight laminated wood core. Measuring 5mm in diameter and hollow in their construction, these tubes run along the length of the ski following the arc of the side cut. They provide torsional stability and powerful rebound while allowing for material reduction of the core. The result is incredible lightweight response and stability.

A Fibreglass reinforcement optimizes the flex pattern and enhances torsional rigidity of the ski. The fibers are positioned either above or below the ski core and improve the ski’s structural integrity.

Length (cm) Radius (m) Tip (mm) Waist (mm) Tail (mm)
146 10.6 125 78 107
152 11.7 125 78 107
158 12.8 125 78 107
164 14.4 125 78 107

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