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The SUPERSPORT is a high-tech all mountain machine, that destroys all that is in its way, without regards. This binding offers the closest connection possible between your boot and binding thanks to the OMNICROM baseplate, characterized by DRAKE BRIDGE DESIGN with an aluminium heel tray that provides exceptional power transmission, conductivity and perfect control without sacrificing lightness. The BIOMAP highback and PLAXMOL heel cushion dampening give maximum comfort and at the same time ensure faster transmission of energy from the body to the board. But that’s not all; the MAC 5 buckles help to make this machine highly technical because of the extreme speed of the closure system. The SUPERSPORT is conceived for advanced riders who want to blast in pipe or drop desperate crazy cliffs in powder, and stop speak!! Show everyone your worth!! ROCK IT!!

Sizing: L / XL


  • Baseplate: Omnichrom light
    The Omnichrom, on a diet. The same proven performance of the Drake Omnicrom baseplate and heelcup has been enhanced thanks to lightened bridge heelcup. Assuring the same reactivity and improved flexibility, the Omnichrom Light reduces the overall weight by shaving unnecessary material from the bridge and baseplate. Leave the extra weight to the others, no fat chicks!
  • Interface: Contact pad
    Fully adjustable to fit your boot, the toe ramp offers ultra efficient energy transmission and perfect side-edge control.
  • Dampening: Plaxmol heel cushion
    Injected PU material placed directly on the board, and positioned under the boot to maximize dampening for high impact landings.
  • Ankle strap: Gran Turismo strap
    The new GT strap offer you the right comfort and lightness you need. GT ankle strap has been developed for riders that like to push hard all day long without pressure points.
  • Convertible toe strap: Ultrathin
    Minimal structure to keep your boot’s toe snug in the binding while dramatically reducing weight. All convertible straps fit flat across the toes, but also have the option to be positioned to go over them.
  • Buckles: Mac 5
    Probably the quickest, most efficient aluminum ratchet in the market. It slides five ladder steps every crank and is ergonomically shaped for smooth ratcheting operation and release.
  • Disc: Classic
    The original Drake disc that mounts on 4-hole and 3-hole pattern without any hassles! Don’twaste time looking for ways to rig a custom stance. The classic gives you the option to personalize your drake binding setup with any board brand you ride.
  • Hiback: Eyeback
    An innovative new hiback developed to open your third eye, allowing you to see new boundaries in snowboarding more clearly. Thanks to its unique shape, the new Eye Back gives you more lateral movement while allowing a progressive response in the longitudinal axis, translating to a highly reactivity hi back, giving you greater control over your board. No need to watch your back, the Eye Back is doing it for you!
  • Highlights: Urethane / Comfit
    The urethane wheel forever changed the history of skateboarding and helped bring the sport to the limelight. But what about the world of snowboarding?! We studied this material for a long time to provide you with our newest design, the Urethane hiback! Are you looking for a flexible hiback for presses, spins, and sliding? Here it is, give it a try!
    In order to meet all kind of riders’ needs, we designed our new Comfit straps to better appeal to the masses. From the Infinite, a super comfortable strap with two gel inserts at the contact points, to the Hyperlight, featuring essential construction which provides direct power transmission. The allnew Gran Turismo strap stands right in the middle, for riders that like to push hard for all day long in a secure, comfortable strap.

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