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Risto Pro

Are you a real PRO? Then prove it!! Take the RISTO PRO and face giant cliffs with a smooth no fear style and blast pipes!! This board, developed in collaboration with the famous pro Risto Mattila, is widely regarded as an amazing freestyle extreme board. Compared to the other models it is enhanced with V carbon tip/tail laminates, hybrid fiberglass and syntrablend base tech that respectively involve an incredible pop, a forgiving flex and an high fluidity on the snow. The RISTO PRO is for real sucker riders who want to blast 20 feet out on quarter pipe walls and hauling ass through everyday park and pow!! NO PAIN NO GAME!!


  • Radial Sidecut: This sidecut consists of one circle radius throughout the entire board. The result is homogeneous control on all types of terrain, delivering a smooth, predictable ride with clean edge transition.
  • Shape: Directional twin Tip and tail area on these boards are the same width. Tail is usually shorter that the tip and the inserts are slightly offset toward the tail of the board.
  • Performer Core: Featuring top quality aspen wood that gives boards a light, flexible feel while remaining responsive and sturdy. This strong, durable core ensures immediate responsiveness in any condition.
  • V-rods carbon laminates: Two pairs of carbon strings positioned as a V: starting from the inserts area to the contact point (both on tip and tail), they provide you an extra amount of pop even when you are pushing just on the edges. Furthermore they increase the reactivity while changing from edge to edge.
  • Fiberglass: Hybrid Triax on top and biax on bottom, strategically combined to ensure freestyle versatility and carve control. Improved edge hold with extra poppy tip and tail.
  • Sintrablend Base: The perfect combination between extruded and sintered bases. The sintrablend has a high molecular mass that retains more wax, but remains durable and strong throughout time.
  • Classic Camber: Developed for the riders that want to keep that stable and secure feel when they are riding super fast or going big. Classic camber provides a flawless amount of pop and the rest needs no explanation.

Special features:

Structurn: Patented stone-grind base finish that we proudly offer on most of our Drake boards. A Structurn base glides much faster and further than an ordinary, unstructured board. Like dimples on a golf ball, a Structurn base has a series of elongated grooves that break down the friction between board and snow for improved results. The base is drastically different in wet or slushy condition where Structurn has the advantage in riding further and faster than other bases. It works great in all snow conditions.
Detuned edges
: Our freestyle – jibbing boards come straight from the factory with predetuned edges on tip and tail. This prevents the snowboard from catching edges, and gives an extra buttery feeling while riding. If you’re going to hit boxes, rails, or walls, this is the perfect feature for you!

Sizing: 153 - 155 - 157

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